jjb.Jeffreybue.com is a theme Bue developed by him self, it just started out with just some rolling social media icons but quickly turned in to a full pledged blogging site. It focuses mainly on three categories, Photography, Videography, and a self coined word Webography. This site was to take over his PHP site BuePics, which as dynamic as BuePics is, it’s not as functionally as a WordPress site like JeffreyBue.com.

A lot of Digital Tip Media’s core concepts about wordpress were derived by creating this theme from scratch. jjb.JeffreyBue.com implements category organization, dynamic sidebars, dynamic widgets, SEO plugins, and it was one of the first sites to use the Facebook comment section. Digital Tip Media plans on using this site to plug and play with all the widgets and wonderful things WordPress has to offer. There will be a lot of testing of these widgets, so when a client like you wants to implement some great functionality we’ll know exactly how to do it.

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