Card House Brokerage

Card House Brokerage is a fictional brokerage company that Jeff made up during one of his classes while I was going to school. It’s strictly written out of HTML, CSS, and Jquery. The idea was to pull an industry out of a hat then create a functionally website that encompassed every the business dealt with. Given 4 weeks he had to brand, develop, design, implement and create a business out of thin air. Jeffrey came up with Card House Brokerage, a company that sold High-End real estate.

It was a real struggle to come up with a business and design within the small about of time that was given. However Jeff thought that the class prepared him to look deep into the clients needs and pull it out and display it on the internet for their customers to get what they fully offer.

CHB Slider

When rolled over the Nav has a Jquery plug-in that allows animation for the background images. Below that there is a slider that cycles through listings that can be clicked. The three boxes are calls to action to their main selling points. Then below another slider of all there agents. Of course this isn’t dynamic, however now that Digital Tip Media is very efficient in WordPress, this theme could be easily upgrade to a very powerful application for real estate companies.

When inside one of the pages there’s a rolling slider that Jeff spent weeks on creating. It’s pretty slick, when you roll over it of one of the feature spots it stops and you can click on it and it will take you to it’s page. This shows up on all the inside pages and cycles between agents and properties. The contact form is pretty slick looking, however no one has filled out a lead, …Yet.

If given the time and effort that every site requires to be the best it could be, this site would be blown out of the park. We believe at Digital Tip Media that we produce fully dynamic sites like this could be with ease and efficiency that would take company and set them apart from their competition.