BuePics was Jeffrey Bue’s first portfolio site. It has all of his first sites, education, and work experiences. This is a dynamic site which he created out of HTML, CSS, Javascript, Jquery, PHP, and MySql. It was originally designed to be a portfolio site for anyone to upload their personal resumes including job history and individual projects, however because of time it quickly downgraded to just his own portfolio site. You can check out the multi-portfolio site at My Platt Portfolio.

Up front you see the images in a nice carousel of the websites that he created, along with a brief description of what he does. All these sites are live and externally linked to their web address. Up top there are 4 tabs Me, Websites, Experience, and Contact, they all link to what they say, where Me links to the homepage. The top Nav has a nice roll over that fades a texture of color in and out when hovered on top. There is his resume in three different formats hanging in the top bar, just in case employers need it in different formats, he figured it’s nice to give the user options of what format they’ll want to download. Also there is a little cookie, when you click the buepics.info icon a log in form pops up which give Bue a way to sign in and update his info. This gives Jeff the ease and flexibility to add experiences and websites without having to hard code the content that you see here at this site.


Once you click on the website button it shows list of sites that he created including a thumbnail, a short description of the site, and the languages used to create each site. This is very similar when you click on the experience button which shows Jeffrey’s skills of languages, education, and recent work history. All of this is brought in dynamically from a MySql database he calls using PHP. When you click the contact there is a short form that people can fill out to get a hold of Jeffrey. This also done through a simple PHP call that sends him an email directly. The contact form also has validation requirements that need to be meet in order to be sent.


Once Bue logs into the back end a tool bar that he designed pops up from the top. It’s fixed on the screen so when he scrolls down it’s always seen. When he clicks edit experience it takes him to an form for each individual education, work, or skill experience. It also gives Bue an option to add experiences to education or work. This is done through a little Javascript, Jquery and PHP calls to the database. When Jeffrey clicks ADD a new form populates and you get to insert the info. Once the info has been inserted he clicks save and that info gets stored into the database to be recalled later on the experience page. Same with the edit websites tab, he is able to add sites and upload a picture for the site. All of which is called back on the website page.

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