Our Website Design Process

Design is a critical aspect of any modern website. Users have become accustomed to seeing professional, well designed websites, and many site visitors are likely to leave when a site looks unprofessional or poorly designed.

Digital Tip Media takes design very seriously. Design should make a website usable and easy to navigate. It should also make a website look aesthetically pleasing. Great design reflects the company it represents, and we believe your website should be indicative of your organization. Here’s what design means to us:

Web 2.0
Broadly, Web 2.0 refers to the latest in design techniques and site features. A Web 2.0 site is interactive, modern, and enjoyable. Web 2.0 means keeping up with trends and knowing what users expect in websites.

Templates and Layouts
Templates make design easy, but they can also make it look generic. At Digital Tip Media, we customize each website layout to meet your specific needs. All of our website designs are adaptable and conform to fit your target audience. Just as a dentist requires specific tools for his work, we give you the tools your website needs to succeed.

Logos and Graphics
It’s unlikely that you’ve been to a website recently that wasn’t full of images, but if you have, you probably didn’t stay for long. Though the web originated for dry academic purposes, it’s now used for fun, lighthearted use. Your website isn’t a boring textbook, and it needs images to spruce it up. We understand that, and will give you graphics to match your needs.

Custom Designer
Some content creators attempt to save money on their web design by using generic templates or website creation tools. These often result in cookie cutter websites – sites that have the same basic outline as tons of other sites. We have custom designers who will create the perfect website for your organization.

Colors and Gradients
Digital Tip Media will brand you and your company, from background graphics, buttons, and colors to banners, logos, and creatively made calls to action are created using the latest tools, like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Your site will pop out from the rest and look exceptionally unique with our latest techniques in graphic design and company branding.

If the thought of an alluring, modern, and custom website appeals to you, then contact us to get started. We look forward to creating something great together. Visit our Contact From for a quick free 2 min quote and get started on your new website today!